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Hotel Villa Gasparini Dolo

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Hotel Villa Gasparini is located along the Riviera del Brenta, between the historical cities of Padua and Venice (bus stop and boat stop near the hotel). The hotel was built in the 18th century by the ancestors of the owners, the noble Venetian family of the Gasparinis.

The "Palazzetto” (literally 'little palace'), which used to be a noble summer mansion in the past, was renovated and converted into a hotel in 2006.
Renovation works were carried out with the objective of maintaining the true spirit of its glorious past and the charm of its family ambiance.

Today the hotel can offer 15 rooms, each of them representing a perfect combination of Venetian classicism and modern comforts: the ideal place to spend some quality time, relax and enjoy Italian art.

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Hotel Villa Gasparini, Riviera Martiri della Libertà, 37 - Dolo - Venice

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